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June 19, 2012

Becoming a "Big"

Member gives back to community

Heather Bohrer

I am a true kid at heart and I saw this as an opportunity or excuse to be a kid again.  I get to go play laser tag, arcade games, football, baseball, climb the playground equipment and just act like a kid and for a good cause.  I remember as a kid many of the big brother role models I had and how much I looked up to them and respected their opinion.  Anytime a male of an older age gave me attention I thrived.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters gives me that opportunity to provide that same attention to our younger generation, giving them that much sought after guidance.  You don’t need to teach them anything profound kids just want to know they matter in someone’s life.”  
-Chad Glenn
Chair, YPW Board of Trustees

Chair, YPW Enhance Action Team

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