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October 15, 2013

Community Culture

The Mosaic Action Team

Heather Bohrer

By Ashley Abedini, CarMax
Ambassadors Team Member
Do you like being exposed to the various world religions and cultures?
Do you enjoy sampling delicious ethnic cuisines?
Last and most importantly: do you like champagne?  
If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, (and let’s keep it real – who doesn’t love the bubbly?), prepare to swoon
Mosaic is an action team within YPW that celebrates Wichita’s cultural heritage and rich diversity, with the mission of creating a community where all young professionals feel welcome.  

The Mosaic group plans fun bimonthly Dine-Arounds that highlight the history of each restaurant.

In addition, they also put on bimonthly Religious Awareness Tours that showcase the religious diversity of our community.

Does this so far appeal to you, & curious what exactly makes a good fit for this group?
Mosaic is made of a small group of individuals that although are diverse, share many characteristics:
  • An open mind
  • Curious taste buds
  • Friendly nature
  • Really, really ridiculously good looking

We have established that Mosaic members are kind of awesome. But why do they stay?

Jamil Malone, current Mosaic chair and certified badass, said that the most rewarding part of being involved with Mosaic is: “Seeing YPs get excited about the programming we offer that introduces them to other cultures, whether religious or ethnic… as well as kicking ass and taking names.”

Mosaic is a small group that is looking to grow. Are you interested in joining?

Mosaic meets the first Monday of every month at 5:30 at Public at the Brickyard.

(Did I mention that as a rite of passage, new Mosaic members are welcomed into the group with a bottle of champagne?)


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