Action Teams

With more than 70 volunteers working on all of YPW’s programs and events, joining an action team is one of the best ways to gain value from your YPW membership. We’ve designed a brief process to help our members become volunteers and find the best fit for you, whether you want to use your existing skills and connections or create new ones. Under the direction of YPW staff leadership, each team has a chair, vice chair and secretary that serve as the leadership of each group. Most teams meet once per month for about an hour.

Access Wichita

Providing YPs unique access to high-profile people, places and events that influence the community

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Representing YPW, Ambassadors welcome new members and tell the YPW story.

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College Connection

Connecting college students to the inner workings of the professional world.

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Community Engagement

Developing relationships between YPs and nonprofits in the community.

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Leadership Link

Linking YPs to leadership and professional development opportunities.

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Taking the pulse of Wichita’s social scene.

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