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December 16, 2014

How to Keep and Grow the Connections You’ve Made

by Jessica Williams, Ambassadors Action Team Member

Meg Foreman - YPW Program & Marketing Manager

In today’s world it is near impossible to keep up with the connections and friends you’ve made over the years. Everyone is going in different directions with little time to answer more than a text or an email. But there are ways to navigate this busy world and grow the connections you’ve made. Here are some tips that have helped me stay in touch with everyone I want to.


  1. Don’t let your phone auto-delete text messages. I keep all of mine for 30 days. Every few days I scroll to the bottom and text anyone who I haven’t talked to in 30 days or longer. I also make a point to follow up with them on anything they said in our last conversation so they know I remember and care what they’re going through. Anyone I don’t need to follow up within 30 days, I simply delete the text conversation and move on with life.


  1. Don’t ever end your sentence with “sometime”. Everyone at one point has said, “Let’s get together sometime!” Plans are never made from the word ‘sometime’. Instead say “let’s do dinner next week” or “do you have plans Saturday night?” Be specific. If they say they’re busy, ask them when their next availability is. If you’re serious about wanting to spend time with this person, schedule it. Don’t add it to your ‘to do at some point’ list. (If you have a hard time finding times that work in multiple schedules use com. Seriously, it’s a life saver!).


  1. Add your friends’ important events to your calendar. If your friend tells you they have an important doctor’s appointment type it on your calendar! It takes 2 seconds to do and it makes you look like you remember and care about everything (which of course you do!). All it takes to grow a connection is for that person to feel they matter and you listen to what they say. Following up on something is the easiest way to show them that you care.


  1. Open up. When you first meet someone, open up about a specific experience you’ve gone through in your life. It doesn’t have to be traumatic or any significant experience, but by showing that person you can relate to them and be open with your life, helps them relate and be open with theirs. Some people need help meeting new people and trusting. Take the first step and begin the conversation. Show them it is okay to talk and exchange stories.


  1. And remember, you can’t be everything to everyone. When focusing on trying to keep and grow connections, some people tend to get overwhelmed and try to be everything to everyone. Remember, you can’t focus on everyone. You can’t remember everything and be a good friend to everyone you meet. Choose the people you have the most in common with. Spend time focusing on the ones you connect with the easiest. It’s okay to not have time to make everyone your friend. At the end of the day what matters most is that the people you care about KNOW you care about them.

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