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YPW Mentorship Program 2015 - Young Professionals of Wichita

August 12, 2015

Beyond Networking: a Friendship

YPW Mentorship Program

Meg Foreman - YPW Program & Marketing Manager

Fidel Serrano, former YPW Mentorship participant, built a true friendship with his mentor EJ Corporan, Manager, Music Partnership at Textron Aviation. Both went beyond the requirements of the program by sharing part of their life journeys and hobbies with each other.

Fidel Serrano, a senior in college at the time, was attending Wichita State University when he decided to join the 2014-2015 YPW Mentorship Program. The program is aimed at helping college students transition into young professionals. He utilize the program to polish his resume, enhance his LinkedIn profile, manage the stress of graduating from college, and dealing with the pressure to land a job upon graduation. In addition to providing guidance in the above areas, EJ shared with his mentee his journey after college. He recommended to Fidel not to rush the job hunting process and enjoy his last semester in college. EJ shared the various job positions he has held to this date with Fidel in an effort to make him realize that a large portion of young professionals will switch jobs and will use their current position as a step to move into better and bigger roles.

Just like any mentorship relationship should be, EJ was also able to appreciate and benefit from the mentor/mentee relationship. EJ had recently moved to Wichita from Florida due to his job, but because of this program he was able to experience the city from a different perspective. He and his mentee met at various restaurants during their monthly meetings. EJ was able to visit and enjoy restaurants that otherwise would not have visited. He also attended Fidel’s fraternity step show and art gallery. EJ found a deep admiration to all of the hard work and energy that Fidel transpired.

Fidel and EJ continue to grow their friendship beyond the duration of the YPW Mentorship Program. One of their tentative plans for the near future includes running a half marathon . . . If you happen to see them at the Prairie Fire Marathon be sure to cheer them up!

If you’re a Young Professional with a desire to mentor and build a friendship with a college student, the applications for the 2015-2016 YPW Mentorship Program are now open. Click here for more information.

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