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October 9, 2013

Purposefully Social

The YPW Ambassadors Team

Heather Bohrer

By Jessica Williams, Kwik Shop
Ambassadors Team Member

Team Ambassadors is charged with helping new and current members find their place within the organization, all while increasing the awareness of YPW and its events in the community-at-large. Simply put, we’re the purposefully social team that makes sure everyone is having a good time!
I’ve quickly found that writing about a group or organization you’re strongly connected to can actually be more a challenge than one might think. Instead of giving you a detailed list of why you should check out team Ambassadors, I’m going to let some of the team members tell the stories for me and I’ll interject with my own personal experiences from there.
Sundee Dunn, currently heading up our Current Member Engagement Role joined Ambassadors within the last 6 months. “When I attended three meetings to see what action team I might want to join I felt really welcome at the Ambassadors meeting, like I was already a part of the group. I enjoyed what the mission of Ambassadors was…  
Originally I went to the Ambassadors team to fill one of my 3 Envoy requirements so I could join another team, but I had the same welcome experience Sundee did. Ambassadors immediately felt like home to me. I joined the team just two days after that meeting.
If you’ve been to any YPW event at all, chances are you’ve already met Shea Zuckerman and his unique personality. “Besides meeting sharp and driven friends who have the same vision for what Wichita and our community can be, Ambassadors has opened my eyes to my personal power to bring people from different groups and backgrounds together…” 

Whether you’re like Shea and have a knack for bringing people together for the greater good, or more like me and being a social extrovert is a learning process, Ambassadors is the place to begin. Bringing our unique personalities together is what makes this team work—and what makes YPW events more fun! 
Our Fearless Team Leader, Nate Hinkel sums up the Ambassadors team perfectly. “…I look forward to each and every YPW event largely because I will be spending time with these people. The AmbassadorsAction Team is fun-loving and laid back group that works hard to make an impact in YPW. Many members have become great friends that often socialize outside of YPW.” 

Having these team members whom I also consider my good friends is my favorite part of Ambassadors. I spend a large amount of my free time with all three of these individuals and all of whom I talk to every day. Whether we’re collaborating on how to make the team better, or where to watch the football game next weekend, we’re great friends. That connection is why the Ambassadors Team is successful and why it is the best action team in YPW (in my opinion of course!)

Do we have you convinced? Ambassadors Meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 6pm. Check the YPW Calendar for the location.

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