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August 6, 2015

Quit the Cuts

YPW Board Takes Position on County Commission Budget Cuts

Suzy Finn - YPW Executive Director

Last week we celebrated 10 years of uniting young professionals in Wichita. This week, the YPW Board is calling on its members to unite to effect positive change in our community by voicing your opinions on the Sedgwick County Commission’s recommended budget cuts.

The Board’s officially adopted stance is to recommend that the Sedgwick County Commission maintain funding at the levels previously committed, particularly for arts and cultural organizations, to promote a quality of life that attracts, engages, and retains young professionals.

After reviewing the proposed budget, learning about proposed alternatives, and evaluating feedback from members provided through our recent survey of young professionals in Wichita, the Board felt this was an important issue to take up because of the potential impact to the quality of life of young professionals, both those living in Sedgwick County and those who might move here for their career, should these institutions’ funding levels decrease.

In the recent YP Community Survey, respondents were asked to what level they support “Partial public funding of the arts (Art Museum, Arts Council, etc.)” and “Partial public funding of cultural institutions (Sedgwick County Zoo, Exploration Place, museums, etc.),” among other local initiatives. The responses indicated that 76% of respondents favored funding the arts; 84%, cultural institutions. These results were consistent among member and non-member respondents. Additionally, 89% of the respondents indicated they live in a Sedgwick County zip code.

It is important that you add your voice to ours so that the Commissioners know that young professionals care about this community and its arts and cultural assets. You can learn more about the proposed budget through the following resources:

The County Commissioners will be holding their final public input meeting on the proposed budget on Thursday, August 6, at 6 p.m. Representatives from the YPW Board of Trustees will be there to present a statement recommending maintaining funding levels. We encourage you to attend to show support for the YPW speakers. If you are also passionate about any of the affected organizations, consider making your own statement.

Not able to attend? Consider providing your opinion via the County’s Online Forum. You can post comments until Tuesday, August 11.

You can also visit to learn how to contact your commissioners.

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