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March 9, 2015

Share Your Impact On Wichita

By Camille Gaddis, Community Relations Action Team Member

Meg Foreman - YPW Program & Marketing Manager

With the spring season approaching us comes opportunities to get involved and engaged in our community. An easy way to start is to update your volunteer hours for the first quarter of 2015. It is simple, fast and very important for the organization as a whole. Many of you are familiar with the volunteer hour tracking system on the YPW website. For those that are new to the organization or have not seen the volunteer hour tracking system, this blog will explain the process and go into detail about the different volunteering categories.


Members can track their volunteer hours on the YPW website by hovering over the “Engage” tab on the homepage. From there, users will click on “Track Volunteer Hours” on the drop down menu. Once on that page, all that you need to put is your name, email, number of hours, type of service and name of organization. Tracking volunteer hours of YPW members helps the organization showcase the amount of service our members give to the community.


The first category is YPW Volunteer Event. Attending a YPW event in which an action team is leading a service project is part of this category.


The second category is Non- YPW Related Volunteering. This could be volunteering for any non-profit organization outside of YPW. Service projects you do on your own time or with your work is in this category.


The third category is YPW Leadership. Attendance of an Action team meeting, volunteering at a YPW event (monthly Mingle, YPW Membership Maximizer, etc.) or any outside planning that is related to YPW would count as this type of service.


The information gathered from the volunteer tracking system allows YPW to share with our city how much time and effort our members dedicate the community. It is also important to share the amount of volunteer hours with our corporate sponsors and potential partnerships so we can display our accomplishments. A benefit to members for tracking their volunteer hours is to be recognized on the YPW blog and social media as being a Community Service Superstar. Members who have tracked the most hours in a quarter will be awarded the recognition and also receive a free-oil change from our sponsor, Davis-Moore Automotive. This tracking system also allows for members to find out how many how they have accumulated.


Please take advantage of this user friendly volunteer hours tracking system for your own benefit and the benefit of the organization. The end of the first quarter is March 31, so there is still time to track leadership/volunteer hours that you did in January and February. The time you are dedicating to a worthy cause should be recorded and shared with the community. If there are any questions or if you would like to know how many hours you have completed, do not hesitate to contact me at


Best wishes for an exciting and service-filled spring 2015!!!

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