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YPW Member Blessy Abraham

November 4, 2015

YPW Member Spotlight: Blessy Abraham

Who are the Young Professionals of Wichita?

Meg Foreman - YPW Program & Marketing Manager

Who are the Young Professionals of Wichita? Find out in upcoming blogs and video posts showcasing some of our members. We range from engineers and marketing gurus to teachers and small business owners. Anyone that feels they are a professional in their field is a Young Profesional of Wichita! Not a member yet? You can join today by clicking here.

YPW Member: Blessy Abraham, Kansas Leadership Center

Why did you join YPW?
I joined YPW to connect with others so that together we can make our city better.


Why should others from your profession join?
When you have grown up in Wichita and have the ability to reach many through social media, it’s easy to wonder as to why YPW. Don’t get me wrong, utilizing your own network of people and using social media is of tremendous value. But in order to do more, it’s imperative that you connect with those who are outside of your social circle. YPW is a great connector which, when utilized properly, can help you meet others.


How would you like to see Wichita grow?
Currently Wichita is not thriving economically nearly as well as other cities that encompass similar geographic size. I would love for us to figure out how we can bring other industries to Wichita as well as find better ways to engage local companies with college graduates. I believe it’s the key to keeping talented young people in Wichita. If we can figure this out, the domino effect on our economy would skyrocket whereby more business develop and grow and young people have more options for leisure and with time there would be a mind shift where more people will have pride in our city.

What are your favorite things about the Wichita Community?
I have lived in Wichita for most of my life, so what keeps me engaged are my family, friends, church and work. I’m lucky to have been surrounded by an amazing group of people who are genuine and supportive. I have heard many say that once you have lived in Wichita for some time, they also have authentic relationships. Honestly, the best thing about Wichita are the great authentic people here!


How has your YPW membership impacted you?
Honestly, I’m still learning more and more about YPW. As an introvert, I find it challenging at times to mingle with new people. Regardless, it has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and engage with people I would have never met otherwise. I have met some incredible people who inspire me through the work they do and the sacrifices they consistently make.


Where do you volunteer?
I spend most of my time volunteering at my church, NewSpring, and I volunteer with many of my colleague’s programs and projects.

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