Effect Change

For a Brighter Future

Each of our action teams makes a difference in the community in some way, whether that is promoting a new business, serving with another nonprofit, or keeping young talent here when they make new social and professional connections. We also know that, with more than 3,100 members, we can be a voice for change in the city.

Our YPW Board of Trustees, with the input and assistance of our Community Engagement team, takes on the role of identifying opportunities for our organization to actively effect change within our community. We will seek member input through our annual YP and member surveys, as well as specific events designed to solicit input so that our priorities align with our members’ priorities.

Destination ICT

Commissioned by YPW in 2010, the Destination ICT study sought to answer the question: If highly skilled young professionals can live anywhere in the world, why should they choose Wichita?

The study found several strengths, including our positioning as an affordable community. It also provided recommendations for how to better attract, engage, and retain young talent.

  1. Connect young people – both current and future residents – to Wichita’s career opportunities. We can accomplish this by better highlighting the variety of employers in the Wichita area through high-profile websites, as well as by encouraging the continued development of a robust internship culture to literally connect our college students to work experience and employers.
  2. Create Wichita as a more attractive and sustainable place to live, work, and play. We can accomplish this by ensuring that we continue to support downtown revitalization and the improvement of public transit.
  3. Convince every Wichitan – and potential Wichitan – that great things are happening here and to call Wichita home. We can accomplish this by better highlighting the cultural, recreational, and entertainment options that we already have, as well as by working together as a community to create a brand for Wichita that resonates with all age groups.

The Priority Project

Through the 2012 Priority Project (a collaboration between YPW, Visioneering, and the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation), citizens of all demographic groups identified the top three priorities that the City and its partners should focus on for the next three years.

  1. Jobs: Diversify our local economy by keeping industries already here and recruiting new jobs in new industries.
  2. Education: Increase the number of people in the region who advance their post-high school education, either through degrees, certificates, or re-training opportunities.
  3. Downtown: Develop more downtown activities and events for individuals and families of all ages.

Make an Impact Now

  1. Read: Stay up to date on local issues. Follow local publications and stations, whether it’s in their “natural state” or via social media accounts.
  2. Vote: Local leadership makes decisions that directly impact the quality of life in Wichita. If we don’t make our voices heard at the polls, we can’t expect our priorities to rise to the top.
  3. Talk: Tell others about why you think Wichita’s great. Share the good things and identify ways to change the less desirable ones.
  4. Participate: Share your thoughts with city leaders by applying for and joining a citizen advisory board in Wichita or surrounding cities. Learn more by attending a City Advisory Board 101.

Welcome to W

Same mission. New name. Young Professionals of Wichita (YPW) is now W. Join us as we move forward into our next chapter of building tomorrow’s leaders today.