Partnering with YPW

Young Professionals of Wichita exists to attract, engage and retain diverse young talent to effect positive change for a brighter future. Accomplishing this mission would not be possible without our numerous community partners and volunteers. YPW is always open to partnerships with other organizations and volunteers to make Wichita a better place to work, learn, live and play.

Here are some questions to consider while investigating a potential partnership with YPW:

Do we want the same things?

Our mission is to attract, engage and retain diverse young talent to effect positive change for a brighter future. Will partnering with your organization help us accomplish the following goals?

  • Celebrating professional and social diversity
  • Building community pride
  • Increasing the quality of life for YPs
  • Growing the next generation of leaders
  • Establishing a collective voice for YPs

Does your request fit

our existing programming areas?

YPW is a volunteer-driven organization, which means our volunteers decide which community organizations to partner with on events. If our volunteers are already working on similar programming, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in your partnership opportunity.

What type of partnership are you hoping to create?

I need volunteers for my organization or event.

Please see our Nonprofits page for more information on how to pursue this.

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I want to reach your members to tell them about an event, opportunity, or product.

We are very protective of our members’ contact information. The best way to reach our members is through targeted sponsorship opportunities. Please see our Sponsors page for more information.

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I want to be financially invested in the growth of our city’s young professionals.

We are sustained by our corporate investors, sponsors, and individual YP membership dues. Please see our Investor pages for more information.

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I have expertise in an area relevant to YPs and want to share that as a speaker.

Our volunteers are always on the look-out for new, engaging speakers for our different areas of programming. If you have expertise to share, contact Alejo Cabral to let us know how we can see you in action.


I need a speaker to talk to a group about YPW or topics related to young professionals.

Our staff and volunteers are well-versed in many of these areas. Contact Alejo Cabral to tell us more about your need.


Welcome to W

Same mission. New name. Young Professionals of Wichita (YPW) is now W. Join us as we move forward into our next chapter of building tomorrow’s leaders today.